Water Pump

Water way to go! Ross Lions received a wonderful email recently from Rob Sedman. He and his family and  have just returned from a visit to Namutumba in Uganda, the twin town of Ross on Wye.  Rob wrote to the Club members: “Our host Mugenyi James, Deputy Head at the local high school, was keen … Continued

Local donations

Thanks to their fund-raising efforts, Ross on Wye Lions Club have been pleased to be able to make donations to 2 local charities, Severn Free Wheelers and Ross Adult Literacy Group. Both of these groups make significant contributions to our area, but much of what they do is not always seen by the rest of … Continued

Donation to Children’s Ward

This young patient was supposed to be going home from Hospital, but he insisted on staying to accept a gift for the Children’s Ward of Hereford Hospital from Ross on Wye Lions President Fiona. The Lions and Leo Club members always try to make Christmas a special time for giving. In keeping with their focus … Continued

Christmas Day Lunch

Christmas Day can be a busy time with family and friends, but some people like the company and spirit of good-will that they find by participating in the Ross on Wye Community Lunch. Held for the second time at the Larruperz Centre, many volunteers worked behind the scenes to make the day fun for all. … Continued

Christmas Cook-in

This new cooker is going to get a good work-out this Christmas as it is going to be the vital piece of equipment for the Christmas Day lunch. Fitted into the kitchen at the Larruperz Centre and paid for by fund-raising from Ross on Wye Lions Club, this cooker will be used to make dinners … Continued

Donation towards mirrors at TDCC

Ross on Wye Lions Club members are always looking for ways to make a difference in the local community. They heard that local young people had been desperate to have mirrors put into their dance area so they can see fully their technique and corrections. Having heard of the hard work and dedication of these … Continued

Pool Table for Hereford Children’s Ward

Every Christmas time the members of Ross on Wye Lions Club ask the staff of Hereford Hospital Children’s Ward if there is anything they need to make a difference for the children who are not well enough to be at home. This year Play Leader Stacey Edwards said that what was really needed was a … Continued

Pushchair for William

Ross Lions recently helped a young William get a pushchair that will help with his condition. Stephanie was delighted to receive help from Ross Lions. Thank you all ever so much for Williams new pushchair! He absolutely loves it. This truly will make life so much easier for us. I’m ever so grateful