Water Pump

Water way to go!

Ross Lions received a wonderful email recently from Rob Sedman. He and his family and  have just returned from a visit to Namutumba in Uganda, the twin town of Ross on Wye.  Rob wrote to the Club members:

“Our host Mugenyi James, Deputy Head at the local high school, was keen to show us a pump that you have funded for the town.  On the day we called by there was a big crowd of women and children making use of the facility. The specific importance of this, James explained, was that previously there was no water supply in this community.  As a result some people were breaking in to the high school and using the pump there.  The school authorities felt they could not prevent people accessing water, but there were obvious pupil safeguarding issues (many pupils are boarders).  Thanks to your pump the community has safe water and the students are secure in school.”

This project for the Health and Welfare of people we may never meet is just one of the ways in which funds raised by Ross Lions Club has made a difference in Namatumba.  Rob ended by writing “Thank you for all the good work you do, in Namutumba, in Ross, and elsewhere” and Ross Lions would like to pass on this thanks to those in the Community who support us and volunteer with our activities. www.rossonwyelions.org has more information on the Club and its projects.

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