Local donations

Thanks to their fund-raising efforts, Ross on Wye Lions Club have been pleased to be able to make donations to 2 local charities, Severn Free Wheelers and Ross Adult Literacy Group. Both of these groups make significant contributions to our area, but much of what they do is not always seen by the rest of us.

The Severn Free Wheelers have 3 bikes on call to move Critical Care products and all bike riders are local volunteers. They offer their time from 7pm to 7am every day of the year. They are now working with Hereford to cover our area making a huge saving to the NHS funding – around £40,000 a year. The money from Ross will help to pay for fuel to keep these bikes running.

The Ross Adult Literacy Group existed as the Hereford Literacy Project from the 1970’s and, when funding ceased, the tutors from Ross decided to keep the group going in the town for as long as possible. They are very successful in helping adults with learning needs as well as new residents of Ross who do not have English as their first language. Teaching literacy skills develops confidence and allows people to be able to find employment and fit in with the community.

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